Roger Cushwa Headshot200x211Roger Cushwa
Estate Manager
NY Tri-State Chapter President

Roger Cushwa is an Estate Manager working for a Family in Stamford Connecticut. He is also the current President of the New York Tri-state Chapter, and a five year member and supporter of DEMA. Roger has been a part of private service for five years, and has spent his working life in service and the service industry.

After discovering the world of “Private Service”, Roger went back to college and earned his AAS in Business Management with an emphasis in Hospitality. Roger also had the pleasure of graduating from Starkey International Institute. He actively follows a number of groups on Linkedin including DEMA, The Family Office Group, Private Service Professionals International, Be the Ultimate Assistant and The Modern Butler to name a few.

Roger’s current Family is doing a number of “green” programs that include trash recycling, organic gardening and composting. Raising their own bees for honey and pollination, using a green house for year round herbs and vegetables. They chip and reuse all tree trimmings for plant beds and pathways around the property.