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Workshop Summaries:

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The Power of Email Marketing for Small Business, Non‐Profits & Entrepreneurs
by Ken Countess

Constant Contact LogoIf you're like most business owners, finding innovative, cost‐effective ways to stay ahead of your competition are always on your mind.

This is an informative, fast‐moving seminar on the Power of Email Marketing, one of the best tools available for small business and relied upon by over 1,000,000 business owners across the country.
In this 60‐minute overview, we’ll discuss:

  • Why 77% of consumers prefer to be marketed to via email marketing
  • Email marketing ‘s 40:1 ROI
  • What an email marketing campaign looks like
  • When to send an email for maximum response
  • What to do – and what not to do – to achieve lasting results
  • How email marketing is the foundation of many successful companies’ marketing efforts 

Presented by a leading industry expert, there's no sales pitch, just great information to help you get your business to the next level. 



Screening Employees for Character and Integrity
by Derron McDuffee

Via Integrity Logo 100With years of interviewing experience, Mr. McDuffee will cover the following, and more!

  • Background Checks: The inherent problems with background checks and how it gives employers a false sense of security will be discussed.
  • Elicitation Techniques: How an employer asks interview questions will determine if they get useful information from the applicant. Several question techniques will be discussed during the presentation as well as how the questions categories must be introduced.
  • Learn How to "Read" People: How do you know if your applicant is lying to you during the job interview? You will learn what deceptive and truthful behaviors look and sound like. How our subconscious influences affect our perception of the truth will also be discussed.



Supercharging Facebook for Small Business, Non‐Profits and Entrepreneurs
by Ken Countess

Constant Contact LogoIf you're like most business owners, finding innovative, cost‐effective ways to stay ahead of your competition are always on your mind.

You want to get maximum exposure out of your marketing efforts without breaking your budget.

Join us for an informative, fast‐moving seminar on the Power of Email Marketing and Facebook Marketing, the best tools available for small business today and relied upon by millions of businesses across the country.

You'll learn how to integrate email marketing with one of the most powerful social media tools ‐ quickly and easily.

Presented by a leading industry expert, there's no sales pitch, just great information to help you get your business to the next level.


Linkedin Best Practices
by Nancy Laine

Project Transition USA LogoAfter attending this talk you will know more than 98% of the 225+ Million professionals on LinkedIn. This will be a huge advantage if you are interested in attracting new clients, finding a better job, securing funding, scheduling speaking engagements, or boosting your credibility as an expert in your field.

In less than an hour you will learn how to gain the attention of prospective clients and recruiters, improve your search rankings, and dramatically increase your professional network. There will be time for Q&A at the end.

More than motivating and beyond inspiring, your eyes will be opened to the amazing potential of this powerful international business networking site. Even more importantly, you will learn a few simple tips that will help boost your professional credibility and gain the respect of top professionals worldwide.



Proven Business Strategy
by Byron McDuffee

Via Integrity Logo 100"Strategy, Innovation, and Your Most Important Asset: Human Capital"

Strategy expert, Byron McDuffee, will address this vital topic relevant for both DEMA vendor members and Private Service Professionals. Byron will discuss,

  • Getting a handle on the Process: Essential strategic planning elements
  • How to best communicate your strategy so the rest of your staff can execute it
  • How to identify and screen contractors & staff you can trust to deliver needed results


 Windows 8 and Device Fundamentals

MS Logo 500x184Beautiful. Fast. Fluid. Get ready for an amazing, reimagined Windows experience.

If you recently purchased a Windows 8 device, learn how to get the most from it. Spend time with us in this workshop, whether you prefer touch, mouse and keyboard.

From set up and navigation including the new Start screen and Live Tiles, to preinstalled Windows apps and Microsoft store apps, you will learn how to personalize your device. Learn how to connect to SkyDrive to be more productive and have fun with your new device.



Leveraging Vendor Relationships through the DEMA Network
by Steve Feldman

Kitchen trader logo“Leveraging Vendor Relationships through the DEMA Network” is a practical approach to utilizing the highly desirable DEMA network to serve the private service professionals and attract the appropriate luxury vendors. Based on real examples from the NY/Tri-State Chapter, presenter Steve Feldman outlines the following:


• Private service professionals are seeking contact with the key luxury vendors
• The appeal of DEMA to vendors who desire access to the DEMA membership
• Vendors perceive DEMA as a valuable network

The presentation show how to create a “win-win” scenario between private service professionals and key vendors, while positioning your company as a more valuable resource.



Social Media Breakdown: Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest For Your Brand
by Vanessa Belmonte

Culture Climax LogoIt's 2013 and social media has taken over as the next big thing for advertising, branding and communicating in America. This social media workshop will break down tips, goals, necessities and ways to create content for social media. You'll receive guidance on what & how to update on social media and creative ways to increase awareness, feedback and traffic to your website. 

3 reasons on why you should join us for this workshop: 

  • Over 500 million people have a Twitter account.
  • Pinterest is now the third most popular social network behind Twitter & Facebook.
  • Every second, 1 new user joins Instagram.



Microsoft Office Productivity Tips: Save your Company Time & Money

MS Logo 500x184What's new with Office 2013? Now you've got more tools to work more productively and collaborate more effectively with friends and co-workers. No matter what you need to do, Office 2013 can help you do it more efficiently than ever before.

There are many shortcuts and little known secrets about the Windows operating system that can help can increase the quality of your user experience and the functionality of your computer. Join us for ways to not only enhance your Windows user experience, but to also wow and intrigue people that are watching you use your computer.



Community Partnerships: Expanding Your Business Through Referral Marketing
by Matthew Haack & Michael Wright

2013 DEMA Logo 2InchIn a world where technological advancements and access to information are as easy as the click of a mouse thanks to portals such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we have all become accustomed to instant gratification.

What if there were a way to market your company and build relationships just as instantly? And no - we are not talking about pay per clicks, or paying to boost a post on Facebook. Look no further than referral marketing: a lucrative form of advertising that is similar to social networking, and can be as fun, creative, and unique as you make it! 

During this presentation, Matthew Haack and Michael Wright of the Domestic Estate Management Association will tap into their combined 20+ years of referral marketing experience and teach you how to identify businesses that should be referring your company, how to interact with those companies to create a buzz, and how to build cross-industry relationships that will leave your company name rolling right off the tongue of your referral partners. Don't miss out on how loyal, lasting relationships with community partners can turn into revenue growth!