Feature Presentations & Workshop Summaries

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The Three Principles of Domestic Management: Protect, Preserve & Peace of Mind
by Charles MacPherson

Learning and understanding what are the three principles, of Domestic Management, and how they relate to the responsibilities of the 21st century Household Manager. The intricate interaction of these three principles creates and connects the Household Manager, The Employer and The Service Provider, which often when not managed correctly lead to stressful situations.

This lecture examines the roles and responsibilities of each player and will provide the correct tools to allow all three to succeed and prosper together for a long term working relationship.


From the Eyes of the Employer 
by Teresa Leigh

Teresa Leigh will provide an in-depth examination of the current private service industry landscape from the eyes of the affluent employer. The discussion will include how an unstable global economy has created a saturated employment market and is giving employers new options for household and property workers. How will private service employees validate their skill sets to employers and stay competitive in this fluctuating market?


Acquiring and Caring For Fine Jewels
by Moti Ferder

Moti Ferder, President of Lugano Diamonds, discusses his design approach to crafting truly one-of-a-kind creations. He will showcase some of the world's rarest gems while expanding on the importance of how to procure and properly appraise a diamond. Followed by Stuart Winston, Vice President of Lugano Diamonds, will review key logistics of restoring, repairing, shipping, and proper storage of all gems of value.


Setting Service Level Expectations in Business & the Estate
by Richard Stephenson & David Barrie Jr.

Having an open line of communication with a Principal can be one of the hardest things to create and maintain in the world of private service. Gain insightful tips and hints on how to better manage communication with your principal as Estate Manager Dave Barrie and his principal Mr. Richard Stephenson discuss what has worked for them.


Aplomb-Not a Fruit But an Essential Butler Trait
by Steven Ferry

Mr. Ferry will share an essential butler trait that is the doorway, a rite of passage, from the uncertainties of the tyro to the relaxed competence of the pro.

"These simple tools will put you on the fast track to aplombing with a rapier-like grace that would impress even Jeeves, with everyone from the boss, the guests, staff, vendors, officials, your significant other and mother-in-law all seeing it and doing it your way. Yes, you are The Butler/Majordome/Majordomo/Household/Estate Manager—the one who knows all and without whom the estate would fall apart.

The Changing Face of ADT and What it Means for You & Your Clients
by Henry A. Rich

ADT Custom Home Services, America’s #1 home security & management company, offers the Gold standard when it comes to protecting people’s homes and their loved ones. ADT brings over 135 years of experience in the security business, providing the reliability and responsiveness that homeowners need. And for the affluent who demand nothing but the best products and services, ADT combines advanced technology and 24/7 monitoring with the highest level of personal service.

Hank Rich, North American Sales Trainer for ADT Custom Home Services, will discuss how ADT’s transformation from a traditional security company to a leading technology provider offers Private Services Professionals (PSPs) with innovative home lifestyle solutions that they can employ to better serve their clients’ needs. PSPs will come away from this session knowing that when they use ADT for the residences & estates that they manage, they not only offer their clients more comprehensive protection and peace-of-mind, but also more freedom, flexibility and control.


“Serving the Servers” Planting Seeds in Your Own Garden
by Allan Miller

Oftentimes, service professionals will give the proverbial “all” for an employer while forgetting how important it is to take care of themselves as well. And so at the heart of Miller’s presentation is the philosophy of self-mastery and taking control in a situation where there seemingly is none… and of just how easy it is to begin to ‘tear up an old life script and begin writing a new one’.

“There are not many easy paths to this particular end, and it is definitely a process – but it is most assuredly a do-able one for those who are willing to begin it – I invite you on this journey.”



Art as an Asset: Protecting your Client
by Anita Heriot

Recent studies have revealed that upwards of 15% of the high net worth individual’s assets are in their Fine & Decorative Art. Yet, too frequently these highly valuable assets are underinsured, inadequately protected, inappropriately stored and exhibited and left out of the estate planning process. This workshop will explain how to appropriately insurance the art and antiques, the importance of appraisals and the top 10 “must-do’s” to care for the objects that your client’s or employers care about the most, their Art, Antiques and Collectables.


For the Love of It: Game Changing Secrets from a Celebrity Assistant
by Bonnie Low-Kramen

Going above and beyond the call not just on some days, but every day, is business as usual for private service professionals. What makes us tick is that we love what we do and that is what keeps us going when the weight of the responsibility sometimes makes it hard to breathe. In a single day we can have enormous triumphs and situations that go horribly wrong. We move through it, learn by burn, and prevail. The challenges motivate us to seek better and more effective solutions.
Bonnie Low-Kramen has experienced all of these things and so much more in a 25-year career working as the Personal Assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis. Bonnie will share stories of life changing moments that define a career. These include the power of speaking up when it counts and the true meaning of work/life balance. Making huge mistakes, celebrating big successes, surviving personal crises, and bringing order to chaos - one situation at a time, one task at a time. You will relate to the moments of epiphany when the clouds clear and the answers appear… as they always do for PSP’s who love what they do.


Mastering the Arrangement of a Private Jet Flight
by Ngaire Duncan

The private jet world is ever changing and evolving and it can be difficult to keep up to date with all of the types of private jet travel and factors that affect each flight. In this workshop learn how to make the best choices when securing a flight for your principal. In particular:
* Learn the different modalities and options for private jet travel and when to use them
* Identify key factors to ensure the flight you arrange is seamless
* Have a checklist of the information you need to have when arranging a private jet for your principal
* Have any of your questions about private jet travel answered in this interactive session

Recycling Luxury Kitchens Responsibly
by Steve Feldman

“Recycling Luxury Kitchens Responsibly” is practical seminar for Estate Managers and Vendors on how to recycle a luxury kitchen. The seminar addresses the pitfalls of the typical methods of disposing of a luxury kitchen including: 1) putting it in a dumpster, 2) attempting to sell it to the general public, 3) long-term storage, or 4) giving it away. The seminar gives the important steps to achieving proper financial and environmental responsibility while eliminating any potential liabilities. The areas to be covered include: 1) financial evaluation of kitchen 2) proper logistics before removal, 3) maintaining maximum security, and 3) safe removal, packing, and transport.


Happy Wife, Happy Life: The Most Important Hire you Will Ever Make
by Katie Vaughan & Mimi Brady

Any parent can tell you – children are a family's most valuable asset. And most HNW and celebrity families would argue that the nanny comes second! With fast-paced and travel filled lives, the perfect nanny keeps the children's lives running smoothly - her duties encompass everything from coordinating with teachers on class assignments and preparing the children for travel to putting them to bed every night – and there is simply no margin for error when it comes time to finding Mary Poppins. For most estate managers, the nanny will likely be the most important hire you make – and it's absolutely crucial to get it just right. In this session, Westside Nannies will discuss how to read between the lines to create an accurate job description, what to look for in prospective nanny candidates, how to present candidates to your principals, and the most effective ways to work as the middleman between the agency and your employer. The old adage certainly rings true, "happy wife, happy life" – and this is no exception.


Why "Downsizing" is so BIG Today
by Jim Henderson

For the past 3 decades Americans have accumulated more possessions than in the previous 100 years! Much of this has to do with the phenomenal success of some 50 million baby boomers. In the past 18 months, this trend has dramatically changed. As these aging baby boomers hit retirement age there is a sudden and dramatic need to rid themselves of all of the years of accumulations. The impacts in many industries will be monumental and, having a fundamental understanding of the psychological, emotional and logistical realities of those faced with a major “downsize” is an essential part of managing the estates of our aging boomers.
Jim Henderson, owner of William C. Huff Companies, has first-hand experience with “downsizing” and, has been involved with some of the largest downsizes in the country this year. Listed as an “expert” in the field in 2009 in the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Henderson has done a number of subsequent seminars on the topic. Come learn step by step how to help maneuver an estate owner through a major downsize. This workshop will challenge you to look beyond just the basics and provide you with the tools needed to help navigate your estate owner through one of their most difficult life transitions


30 Productivity Tips using Windows 7 & Office 2010
by Vickie Evans

Are you overwhelmed by the work on your plate that can’t be delegated to anyone else? Do you feel like it takes too long to get things done in Excel, Word or PowerPoint, but you don’t have the time to learn the shortcuts and new features? Or have you ever thought to yourself, “There’s got to be an easier way?” More often than not, you are right! There is an easier and FASTER way. In this engaging Jerry Maguire-inspired session, discover quick and easy tips and tricks in Word, Excel, PowerPoint (and more) to learn…

* How to instantly format long documents in Word that just might make you cry
* Secrets to adding and manipulating data in Excel
* Simple ways to manage and organize content in PowerPoint to keep you from going insane, and more…


Hiring, Firing and Paying Household Staff: What Every Household Manager Needs to Know
by Kathy Webb & Bob King

There are many employment, tax and labor regulations that, if violated by a House Manager, can create legal and financial risk to the principal. Join HomeWork Solutions’ Kathleen Webb, an authority on household payroll and tax and attorney Bob King of Legally Nanny for a spirited discussion to help you learn where the lines are, what the best practices are, and how to protect your principal from a wage and hour complaint or lawsuit filed by a disgruntled former employee.


Social Media Tips for Job Seekers
by Donna Shannon

Everyone knows that social media is an essential tool for job seekers. But how do you know if you're doing it right? During this interactive presentation, Donna Shannon will walk your group through building a compelling profile and the subtle tricks that let recruiters know you are available. Learn how to reach out to others and create that future in the digital world.


Radical Green Cleaning Methods for a Healthy Private Home
by Beth Bittenbender

Of all the things we do to maintain homes, using chemicals ranks among the highest concern for illness and injury, especially for children. We will explore the unsettling facts scientific research has brought to light about the health risks, both short term high-level exposure and long term low-level exposure to the toxic ingredients in most commonly used cleaning chemicals, including “green” products. They include poisonings, skin, lung, and eye injuries, links to cancer, asthma, multiple chemical sensitivities, immune system disorders, and a host of other illnesses.

You will learn how to safeguard the health of your principals using revolutionary technologies developed to clean using NO toxic chemicals, such as electrolyzed water, liquid ozone, titanium dioxide coatings, and plant walls. You will hear why disinfectants are rarely used properly, anti-bacterial cleaners are not recommended, and the dangers both pose. There will be hands-on demonstrations and opportunities to use some of the products so that when you make recommendations, you know they work.


What about you? The Balance Between Management & Personal Life
by Shelley Silver Whizin

What do you do to replenish your energy after giving so much of yourself to others? How do you feed and nourish your spirit?

Being a private service provider can be quite demanding. You take the time to tend to every detail for others, and when you give, you give wholeheartedly. And, when it comes time for YOU, do you sometimes find yourself going from here to there without pausing a moment to shift gears... feeling depleted, drained, and simply without energy to maintain a state of wellbeing? This workshop is ABOUT YOU, FOR YOU, exploring ways of keeping yourself energized, balanced, and grounded... to face each day anew... refreshed, invigorated, and ready to do it all over again. You will be given techniques that you can use any time, any place! It's been said, "It's not the issue that's the issue, it's how you handle the issue that's the issue." So, how you handle yourself is the issue! Come join us for a very interesting and thought-provoking workshop designed just for YOU.


Conflict with the Family
by Teresa Leigh

This comprehensive workshop will assist private service employees and vendors on resolving conflict with their employers and other employees. We will examine in detail the chronology of conflict escalation and provide valuable problem solving strategies. Discussion topics will include how the cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds of those involved effect the dynamic of the conflict. Case studies from audience will be encouraged.


Managing Difficult Terminations: A Safety Perspective
by Jeffrey Marquart

Managing difficult employees and preventing workplace violence is as important and relevant to the estate environment as it is in any other workplace. Jeff will share his firm’s pioneering strategies for de-escalating volatile terminations that leading prominent families and corporations have sought for over 34 years. You will learn practical strategies that can be applied immediately, including such considerations as when and where to hold termination meetings, who should be (and not be) present at the meetings, how to deliver the termination message, how to respond to threats, and so on.


Career Center & Job Fair

If you are a jobseeker or looking for some face time with Domestic Placement Agencies this is for you! Join our agency attendees to discuss best practices about resumes, interviewing and being successful in your job search. Visit each agency station to pick up your free job tips handout.

This a great way to “put faces with the names” after sometimes months or years of communicating with your favorite agencies.

In addition to our career center and job fair there will also be other workhops going on at the same time.


Caring for Couture Wardrobes
by Chuck Horst & Doug Greenberg

* Caring for irreplaceable couture collections, footwear and accessories
* Proper garment storage techniques and textile preservation
* Expert advice for estate professionals responsible for managing their principal’s wardrobe


Understanding Boundaries
by Charles MacPherson

In the world of private service, boundaries is one of the most important areas that both employees and employers must understand in order to have a successful working relationship. This workshop will focus on the topic of boundaries how to set them and more importantly how to deal with them when they go wrong. Participants are encouraged to bring their boundary questions and problems to this session.


High Security Locks – eCylinders and Access Control Technology Trends
by Avi Ben David

Join Avi Ben David, President at Mulholland Security Centers, Inc. for a fun session on a serious subject. Come learn the latest technology trends and practices in high security hardware solutions for estates.
If haven’t heard about eCylinders, and the latest breakthroughs in access control systems for target rich properties, this is the session for you.


DEMA Vendor Workshop - Best Practices for Working in an Estate
by Matthew Haack & Michael Wright

Come and receive tips on how you can take your business to the next level when dealing with Estate Managers. With over 16 years of experience between the two of them listen to Michael Wright and Matthew Haack as they explain 10 simple things that you can implement in your business and see immediate results.


Select Support: How to Choose the Best Vendors & Contractors
by Alexander Dahlgren

Alex Dahlgren of The Ancon Group will explain the best practices for the selecting the services providers you need to help the properties you manage run smoothly. Licensing, references and which questions to ask will all be covered as well as an extended Q&A to help with any special circumstances you may encounter. Checklists and interview forms will be provided.


Are YOU in it for the Profession?
by Peter Van Ryder

Asking the questions no one wants to ask or hear.

After a short opening presentation about the current state of the industry and those bringing negative attention to us, I will open the floor to questions and ideas that will help guide us in a direction of resolving these issues. We will discuss how we can ensure that those who are entering this industry embody the 4 consistencies that every one of us should embrace. Honesty, Integrity, Discretion & Respect. Professionals on all levels, agencies and schools need to be held to these standards.

Who’s in this profession for the betterment of the Industry and who’s in for their own ego.

At the conclusion of our session, we will have a plan in place to start addressing these issues, whether that is a standards committee or happy hour to further discuss these topics. Talking about these uncomfortable topics is a great start, but action and movement is needed. No more sitting around and hoping things will change. Time to get involved!


Don’t Let your Career Pass you by
by David Barrie Jr.

Listen to Chicago Chapter President Dave Barrie as he discusses the importance of constant self-improvement while in the workplace. He will give advice on different ways you can train and improve your skill set while still providing a high level of service to your Principal.


DEMA Vendor Workshop - How to Maximize your DEMA Membership
by Matthew Haack & Michael Wright

Now that you are a DEMA approved vendor are you taking the right steps to achieve your return on investment? Matthew Haack and Michael Wright will guide you through some simple tricks that you can execute to maximize your DEMA Membership.


Placement Agency Panel Discussion 
Featuring: Christopher Baker, Daryl Camarillo, David Gonzalez, Robert Hanselman, Andrew Lowrey & Katie Vaughan

Placement experts will be discussing the state of the placement industry as well as fielding questions from attendees. Don't miss your chance to participate in a lively and informative discussion!