graham 218x300Graham Lefford
Private Service Consultant
The Wolf Service

The Wolf Service is a consulting/project based company offering the perfect combination of a troubleshooting mentality with an eye for detail and exacting standards but a simple and straightforward, efficient approach to achieving results. I work with those who work with you to solve problems and provide you with the best service possible.

Originally from London, England, I was raised in a strict family where manners and presentation were held to the highest standards. This translated for me into a natural service mentality. My first job was as a dishwasher in a summer resort, where I was quickly promoted to waiter. It seemed my future was set at that point. I did attend the university where I studied Biochemistry, but service called me back.

I have worked in service and management for 38 years, 27 of them in UHNW private homes as a Butler and House Manager. The first 11 years in top Restaurants and Hotels. I got my first job as a Butler almost by chance in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. This first HNW position was a formal home with a large staff working under a Major Domo. It was here that I learned the intricacies of working in a private home, furniture, art and supervising the trades as they worked inside the house and on the grounds. After about 4 years the Major Domo departed and I was left to help run the home. After a little more than 7 years in that first job, I moved to New York City for a Butler/House Manager position. It has been a whirl wind for me ever since!

I have had the privilege to manage and run some of the most incredible estates and homes in the country. I have served families of every style. The knowledge and experience I have gained through these experiences put me firmly in the top tier of this industry.

My mission is to take the skills and knowledge I have gained and put them to use helping as many families as I can.

Let me, “The Wolf” bring out the best in your service!